Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Tale of two embeds

Recently a virtual friend of mine Ian Dewhirst released a compilation called Philadelphia International Re Edits Various-Artists.  

To quote Ian 

One reason why there has never been a package like this before is because it’s extremely difficult to improve upon perfection anyway plus the quality control standards at Philadelphia International have always been top level and generally out of reach in order to preserve the integrity of the catalogue. However, with the advent of re-edit culture and the increasing sophistication of affordable new technology, suddenly there was no longer the need to physically access the original master tapes – a costly and expensive process at the best of times. Now a re-editor could work from the comfort of his laptop and craft a re-edit at his or her leisure. This meant that rather than working in an expensive studio and compressing all your ideas into several hours or even several days, now re-edits can be done to each re-editors individual time-scales, whether they be over a couple of weeks or even a couple of years in some cases. The result has been that now a finished re-edit can finally be presented once someone has lived with it and tweaked it for weeks, months or even years. So, essentially, the disadvantages in not having access to the original multi-track tapes (and being able to isolate each track separately) can often be outweighed by the sheer time you can spend in getting something absolutely right without the time constraints of using an expensive studio. 

I applaud his efforts here and I'm pleased to see it's selling. 
Here is a track from it:

Meanwhile here is something from some time ago: : )

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