Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Thursday, 24 November 2011

L Young

Highly talented and with two good CD's behind him, I had no idea that L Young had released a third earlier in the year.

Here's a track

Soundcloud of the day- Dirg Gerner

My Queen by Dirg Gerner

More from the talented Dirg and a track from his forthcoming EP

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Moovmnt of the day- Derrick Hodge


Robert Glasper Experiment’s bassist, Derrick Hodge, enlists AMC TV show Actor Common and does something rather lovely

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Soundcloud of the day Opolopo remix

Drop dead lovely stuff !     Thanks to SLE

m.u.s.i.c. Opolopo remix ( by Lisa Preston aka LP

Soundcloud of the day Michael Kiwanuka

Due out on 1st Jan 2012 the talented singer has uploaded a track to Soundcloud

Home Again by MichaelKiwanuka

Bandcamp of the day Radio Galaxy

Having enjoyed the Feel Trip Video the full CD is here:

PodOmatic of the Day

Marking time listening to a "smooth indulgence" of a mix by Roger Williams 


Kelly Rowland - Heaven 
Blair - Keep On Loving Me 
Bethany Devine - Soul 
Michelle Williams - Heart To Yours 
Keisha Cole - Thought You Had My Back 
Myron - No Other Love 
P. J. Morton - No Ordinary Love 
Nigel Hall - Simply You 
Lynn Fiddmont - Flow 
Tonia Woods - Will You Do It (Make Me High) 
Cafe Soul All-Stars ft. Maysa - I'm Changing 
Kindred The Family Soul - Stars 
Keisha White - Complicated Emotions 
Will Downing - The Island 
Bridgette Campbell - I Can't Live Without You 
Brainwave Project - Woman's Body 
Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore - Here We Go 
Rebirth - Mark Of His Way 
4hero - Our Own Place

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Soundcloud of the day Alicia Myers - Journey (Sounds Of Soul Retouch)

Alicia Myers has a new CD out, her first since ? She sang with One Way way back when, and the CD has been produced in the UK. That is about the limit of my knowledge really. Apparently it's possibly the greatest CD ever made according to some people, which puts me off a little (if I'm being honest).
Mark Jordan "tweaker of music" has just amped up one track and he's never far off the target.

Alicia Myers - Journey (Sounds Of Soul Retouch) by SOS Remix

Friday, 18 November 2011

New Cool Collective

From the newish CD by Dutch Jazz Band New Cool Collective.

It's full of mad crazy stuff such as the track posted below the aptly titled Bouncer.

Starts off sounding like bad American Cop TV theme music, and ends up becoming a sort of Northern Soul Stomper. I can hear me now DJing at The Lymeswold Northern Soul Club saying:

"And this is NCC (cover up) and yes, they are still Bouncing"

Nakitta Clegg-Foxx

Track from her latest CD. I like the arrangement on this puts me in mind of Charles Stepney.

Soundcloud of the day Nuyorican Soul x Havana Cultura

Quite wonderful mix from Louie Vega:
1. Elements Of Life feat. Josh Milan - You've Got It Bad Girl (Vega Records) 
2. Elements Of Life - This Is Us (Vega Records) 
3. Elements Of Life feat. Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle - Into My Life (Vega Records) 
4. Elements Of Life feat. Cindy Mizelle - I Wanna Be Where You Are (Vega Records) 
5. Nuyorican Soul feat. Eddie Palmieri - Abriendo El Dominante (Vega Records) 
6. Elements Of Life - Barbara Ann (Vega Records) 
7. War - The Chase
8. Elements Of Life feat. Josh Milani - Dream A World (Vega Records)

Nuyorican Soul x Havana Cultura Mix by Louie Vega by gillespeterson

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bandcamp of the day Collette

Monday, 14 November 2011

Bandcamp of the day 74 Miles away

Taken from thefindmag

74 Miles Away is a collaboration between Jazz pianist Pierre Anckaert and beatmakers MonkeyRobot. After releasing their first album on Melting Pot Music, the trio recorded this track for Lefto’s show live at Studio Brussel. 

Laid Back Radio do some pretty awesome taste expanding work via the Radio, mixcloud, soundcloud, and live events. Mighty fine people in fact

J.Minor "making love"

A track that is hopefully going to get popular as a single track download, probably a song demo ?

For more info see:

The King- Mick Boogie ft Tanya Morgan x Nitty Scott MC x 6th Sense

Throwback goodness -it's a Celebration. 

Do you remember the time?

Soundcloud of the day Mel Alston Jnr

Thanks to soulbounce :

Mel Alston Jr Come Back down by MelAlstonJr

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bandcamp of the day

From March and a track that I'd include in my best of year (it's a strange list). No details on it, but it sounds (to me) like a tripped out George Duke instrumental recorded in a Swimming Baths. That Bass is so mean. It's washy and ambient. 

Rantz Davis

Taking some time out to go back through the year I came across this which I think is either very early 2011 or  maybe late 2010.  (?)

It's a slow jam with one foot firmly in the past.

Ugly Duckling

Doing their thing on the Pop side of Hip Hop, I rather like Ugly Duckling, they have a sense of fun about them. "Falling Again" is as close to a personal theme song I know. 

This is taken from their 2011 CD and it's rather jolly.

Byron the Aquarius

Taken from the mysoullessons.blogspot a rather nice set of unreleased instrumentals.

Here's an example:

Soundcloud of the day 2 @Duplaix

Super unreleased version from Vikter- thanks to Jay Scarlett for the heads up.....
Messages (Unreleased Version) by vikterduplaix


Soundcloud of the day @homemadesoul

Kinda classy neat shuffling groove along song
With My Lady by homemadesoul

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Soundcloud of the day

A feel an edit coming on....

Betty Wright & The Roots: Grapes On A Vine ft. Lil' Wayne by S-CurveRecords

Tanya Morgan

From one of my fave spoken word outfits a new single taken from the forthcoming 9 tracker, due late November....

Loving the end sample...........(no prizes for guessing who it is)

Thanks to the Smoking Section.

smooth jazz track of the day

Free Download from FE Music........

Allen Stone

I know what you're thinking "that's some glasses". "Smiley's People" Chic and all that.........

The "Deirdre Rachid revival" look not with standing, this young gentleman is causing a bit of a buzz, because shock horror, he can sing. Quite well in fact.

The CD isn't three bad at all.

Mike Ashley Tip of the Week

Stormin' track brought to my notice by the man with the "soul ears", DJ, Promoter, Blogger and Soul Music representing Mike Ashley

Bandcamp of the day (so far)

Free for now and featuring Tennille who is an interesting vocalist and her latest mix tape isn't too bad either.

Chris Crates of the Day

Stolen from Chris Crates Blog here is an unreleased gem from Christopher Williams from last year. I did an extensive search to find the mp3 only to find that I already had it !

As you may notice updates have been a little sparse of late mostly because I have more important things to do. Also there is so much quality music out there in blogs and mixes I feel my own contributions are somewhat unimportant.

Much respect to Chris Crates and backpackboogie

Before I leave the update just a couple of mentions:
Please check out the Soul Kandi Radio Soul, DJ Geoff Allman is a nice chap with well rounded taste and waistline. He's always been a supporter of this and the altmodernsoul blog. His show goes out Wednesdays 6-8 pm (UT) on 
Podcasts of his show are here  As an aside this will probably the only Radio show I'd be willing to guest on before my own (working title- Soul Envy) begins to be broadcast and change the face of soul broadcasting in the UK. You have been warned.
Mark Merry continues to surprise and delight with his Soul Sermon Podcasts. A proper weekly feast of music and highly recommended.
A quick mention to esteemed collector Jed Lunt. His recent mix of tracks shows a deep understanding of music and mood.
And lastly for sometime reader Mickey Finn show me some love bro......

: )

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tall Black Guy

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

smooth jazz track of the day

Almost impossible to believe that this is 2011 ?

On first listen this sounds like some old Soul Music stuff, sort of an LTD B Side or something from Funk in a Mason Jar (?)

Which isn't to say it's bad, it's actually quite reasonable.....

In fact I might play it on my Radio Show "Newies that sound like Oldies"

Bandcamp pricing policy

As you all ought to know I rather like Bandcamp. Mostly because if you get in early the first few are free, and if you are late then you have to pay. Some artists though have a strange pricing structure, take this excellent track by beatmaker Vanilla from earlier in the year. It's worth a quid- sounding like a Lamont Dozier celebration, as played through a broken ipod.

In fact the whole CD is worth picking up on and the link to Mediafire still works !

Goapele Break of Dawn

Her new CD has (as they say) "dropped". It's been five long years since her last one, though tracks off this CD have been floating around for a couple of years now. I really liked "Change it All" but not that much at first, it took some time to sink in. I feel much the same with this and I'm keeping my ears open for bonus cuts.



J. Rawls has released a new album Liquid Crystal Project 3 . The Ohio native just dropped his single,  “Tribute to DeLa,” which pays homage to De La Soul with  a live reworked version of the classic “Stakes Is High.” Jazz legend Pharez Whitted added flavor to the track by playing trumped. He’s worked with  artists like Synton & Brandford Marsalis, George Duke, and Ramsey Lewis. Keep an eye out for the new project.....

Bandcamp of the day...........

Thanks to Moovmnt !

from Happy 2 Year: Deluxe Edition, released 01 November 2011 
Produced by Tall Black Guy

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Soundcloud of the day

Very nice stuff out of London

9. That Feeling (Alfa Mist Remix) by Emmavie

Bandcamp of the day...........

Available from today for free another quality compilation from RD.