Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Random- when dropping out of love- was dropping into it.....

Thanks to Stevie and Shumaker I've recently been getting nostalgic for 2007 and all that. I was hungry back then trying to match downloads of R&B to "Modern Soul". The litmus test was more often than not Prestwitch and EMS. If I could get a track played at Prestwitch then I'd prance about the floor with a sense of pride, and that dear friends is a feeling long gone. I didn't realise I was one of many, and that my actual contribution was a team effort. Of course I tended to celebrate those tracks which I didn't manage to get played as well, waiting for time to catch me up, and a victory in a game played longer than month to month. Truth is I mow know that I was pretty hopeless and that when it comes to taste, it isn't about what others think.

I recall getting hold of Cheri Dennis "In and out of Love" in  early 2007 (FDH Blog), it's an OK to average CD. The track "Dropping out of Love", however is anything but average. It struck me as near perfect Modern Soul, slowish, sombre, girlie, with that "camp" sensibility you only get once in a Preston Guild. It never got played at Prestwitch but was too good to go unnoticed and thanks to EMS (and other Bloggers) is now a bit of a classic. The samples lifted from Sky's the Limit were in fact born from "My Flame" and "Keep On".

It's still very special....

A month or so ago I noticed that Kirby Maurier had re-visted  "Sky's the Limit" and kept it close. It's a better vocal but somehow doesn't really match our Cheri's masterpiece. Plus it's just too late for Prestwitch now....


  1. Umm, I just listened to Kirby's version and uhhhh, its CLEARLY better than Cheri's. Cheri's music does nothing for me.

  2. Well I do think Kirby's version is, as stated, better sung and keeps the title so I understand your point of view.