Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sleepy and Frank

Sleepy Brown is a super talent, he's got that soul voice going on, he's the real deal. Dress Up is instant vintage, a track with real stones, a modern soul gem. It's not about the club but the party in the kitchen before the club. It's a sex soundtrack, and sounds like a warped 45, all over the place and yet knowing....  He followed up the CD which featured Dress Up with a real gem.... erm....... alas he didn't...After (apparently) toting round a complete CD for well over 12 months he could find anyone willing to release it (or he didn't accept any offers).  Such is the stuff of internet speculation. Still he's got his own label now (?), and here is his first single (which may or may not be from the ill fated CD). It speaks volumes to say that this was first heard on e music (WTF), and has met with a muted reception on the modern soul scene. My only compliant about it is that it isn't Dress Up, and we seemed to have moved from the kitchen to the club. Then again it's not too bad a club, it's a Zo! styled post Prestwitch super plodder, welcome respite from modern soul event jolly tempo fodder. As the weeks go on it is gaining a bit of momentum, and I'd like to think someone might play this out to a dance floor where the average age is over 40 (these things happen).

Much as Sleepy Brown's "Nights" seems like a nice compromise, Frank Ocean seems to have driven in (well his girlfriend seems to do the driving) and given me a track to play over and over. I've been waiting on this, Franks the man, best ever free download mixtape, probably the best song of 2011, and then...... not a great deal if I'm being honest.  However this track (a possible extra on the proper Sony version of his mixtape)- delivers. It's just special.

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