Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Modern Soul Stories

Of all the hackneyed clichés in Modern Soul-"Wifey" has a special place. Over played, deeply over rated, and for way too long impossible to avoid at Events where the average age was over 35.

Now it is of course a stone cold classic, a track that has that dance sensibility stamped through it, so much so I call it prototypical of a sub genre known as "chiggy- chiggy".

I recall once at an Event about 4 years ago called "souled out" seeing people in their late 20t's not only dancing to to but mouthing the words, which was something that made my heart sink.

The best thing I can write about it is that a good mate of mine having read countless references to it admitted that he actually didn't know it (a fact almost impossible to believe). Such was his take on culture he asked me if the song was in fact dedicated to classic web site "Wifey's World" (no link provided). A real jaw drop moment.

Back in 2002 I was sat in a kitchen and was played a track by Next called "Do Your Thing". My first thought was that it sounded like "I found Love" by the Fatback band only better. So for the next few months we both asked for it at Modern Soul Events. Nobody played it despite me pointing out that it sounded a bit like "I found love".  I was met with incredulity and the sort of head shake suggesting I was a few grooves short of a 12 inch single. To counter my earnest requests the DJ's played Wifey instead, which was exactly what I was trying to avoid. Soon the months turned to years and even when I asked for Next's second most "chiggy chiggy" track "Looking for Love" I got nowhere

And they wonder why sometimes I come across as bitter.........?

Note to promoters:  I am currently taking bookings for DJing, I have a large collection of CDR's in a special flip type folder......