Tuesday, 4 October 2011

more ramblings

One thing I'd like every visitor to take away from these pages, is the realisation that I know very little about music (the fact I have a poor grasp of written English is pretty clear).  At one time I thought that I knew quite a bit about music, certainly about the genre called Soul Music. I based this on the fact I owned about 4000 long playing records and just under 1000 12 inch singles. This seemed like a lot to me and I even read all the sleeve notes. I could tell you about who produced what, the changing line ups of bands, who wrote what songs and so on.

Even after I'd got rid of over half of my Records I still felt smarter than your average Soul fan. It wasn't until I joined forums that I began to see that 4000 LP's isn't a huge amount, indeed 10,000 isn't . Even though my knowledge was specialised I was a Soul minnow in a vast sea.

These days I have around 350,000 mp3 files and I know fuck all. I'm too busy playing a tiny percentage of what I have, to have the time to be sure of much at all. This is how it ought to be IMHO. If I want to post on here a song I can use Google to tell me about it, assuming I really need to know (which I don't but I respect the fact that you do).

Which brings me to last Saturday, I was in a Car and was reminded of a song from the 90t's called Beverley. I never owned the track but had taped it from the Radio back then. I was clueless as to who it was by, furthermore I couldn't even remember the melody. I knew it was quite good. A couple of Days later I spent about a half hour trying to Google it, which was pointless. So I turned to someone who still has knowledge to help me, a UK based DJ called Steve Jackson. I dropped him a message saying "90t's song called Beverley have you got it?". In less than half an hour he came back to me with the name, title and Divshare below.

Sometimes there is no substitute for knowing stuff.

So if you listen to Steve's show on Starpoint this Evening you'll probably hear it again.... If he plays it I'll link to his show here......