Sunday, 20 November 2011

PodOmatic of the Day

Marking time listening to a "smooth indulgence" of a mix by Roger Williams 


Kelly Rowland - Heaven 
Blair - Keep On Loving Me 
Bethany Devine - Soul 
Michelle Williams - Heart To Yours 
Keisha Cole - Thought You Had My Back 
Myron - No Other Love 
P. J. Morton - No Ordinary Love 
Nigel Hall - Simply You 
Lynn Fiddmont - Flow 
Tonia Woods - Will You Do It (Make Me High) 
Cafe Soul All-Stars ft. Maysa - I'm Changing 
Kindred The Family Soul - Stars 
Keisha White - Complicated Emotions 
Will Downing - The Island 
Bridgette Campbell - I Can't Live Without You 
Brainwave Project - Woman's Body 
Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore - Here We Go 
Rebirth - Mark Of His Way 
4hero - Our Own Place

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