Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Chris Crates of the Day

Stolen from Chris Crates Blog here is an unreleased gem from Christopher Williams from last year. I did an extensive search to find the mp3 only to find that I already had it !

As you may notice updates have been a little sparse of late mostly because I have more important things to do. Also there is so much quality music out there in blogs and mixes I feel my own contributions are somewhat unimportant.

Much respect to Chris Crates and backpackboogie

Before I leave the update just a couple of mentions:
Please check out the Soul Kandi Radio Soul, DJ Geoff Allman is a nice chap with well rounded taste and waistline. He's always been a supporter of this and the altmodernsoul blog. His show goes out Wednesdays 6-8 pm (UT) on 
Podcasts of his show are here  As an aside this will probably the only Radio show I'd be willing to guest on before my own (working title- Soul Envy) begins to be broadcast and change the face of soul broadcasting in the UK. You have been warned.
Mark Merry continues to surprise and delight with his Soul Sermon Podcasts. A proper weekly feast of music and highly recommended.
A quick mention to esteemed collector Jed Lunt. His recent mix of tracks shows a deep understanding of music and mood.
And lastly for sometime reader Mickey Finn show me some love bro......

: )