Friday, 9 September 2011

1992 The Real Brothers

Back in 2009 I took an interest in a couple of tracks I managed to download from Rap Outfit -the Real Brothers. At the time I was downloading a lot of what one might call obscure old rap from places such as Bust the Facts and TROY. What I admired about these places including the phila flava forum, was the unbridled enthusiasm these people had, they were, it seemed at least a generation younger than me yet still looking back to their youth. On one hand I didn't quite get this. I don't own a vast amount of Records yet I do own several hundred dated 1977- and frankly I keep pretty quiet about them- simply because they represent my late teens. On the other hand I do understand recording these tracks (it's why I bought a Computer) and how memory and music are inter connected. Another thing I admire about TROY is the series of compilations they made called "Sounds like the 90t's", here they linked the past to the present in a knowledgeable way. Plus they share the music through their love. So here from Bust the Facts is a recording from a tape of "what's next"-and it's rather good (IMH)