Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Introducing Mellow Dois

Now this is a little more to my taste. I honestly try to find out a little sumthin' sumthin' about what I post up here. "Find out" equates to a Google search, and isn't it just so annoying when the only info I find is links to Download the CD !

Of course looking at the track list reveals that what we have here is a compilation which includes a lot of what I already have (Freddie J- I got you covered ). The good thing is though this compilation brings these tracks together in a nice easy chunk. Indeed the compilation works well as an introduction to ...stuff I like. It's hard to define the genre, "lo-fi, Jazz, electronic, turntablism" maybe?

It turns out it's from Japan (nice tie in with my last post) and a great example of how those Labels can cherry pick the best of a genre and produce something rather fine. Outside of single track downloads and Bandcamp this might be the only real CD release for some of these tracks. So sod it I'm going to buy this this one. Then in 10 years sell it on E Bay and make a few quid.

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