Friday, 9 September 2011

It's "our" Frank Ocean

Young gifted and everywhere. For reasons I do not fully grasp people like Frank Ocean. It may have something to do with his age. On the surface he seems like every other artist trying to capture the market.  I like the guy because "We all try" seems such an extraordinary song- so mature. His mix tape Nostalgia Ultra is pretty essential (Try features on it) -it is a remarkable bit of work. Problem is since then the stack of leaks of all his past material have clouded the waters. I have downloaded them all because.... that is what I do. I've also got a lot of demo tracks from James Fauntleroy (crazy name crazy guy) who never quite realises his talent- though got close on the Cocaine 80t's set. 

This is just staggeringly ordinary- yet here I am posting it up. No I don't know why either?