Monday, 26 September 2011

Quick Update

Last Saturday saw the birthday of  DJ and nice bloke Paul Goldsmith.

Paul has been a DJ for a number of years and has a weekly show on Starpoint Radio.

I recently spent an evening in his company and he is modest, good natured, and has a sense of humour. We chatted over many things, and not withstanding the fact that talking about myself is my number one topic, we managed to reflect on just how difficult it is to do a weekly Radio show. I posted about Mark Merry and the effort he puts in to his pod casts with regard to finding music to feature, and Paul is no different. Paul Goldsmith has to think of his weekly Show with a mind to "presenting" so it's the same game but with different rules. 

A Radio show needs an element of continuity about it, it needs to deliver a style and approach that sets it apart from the rest. Paul Goldsmith has managed this by his choices of tracks and his ability to connect with his listeners.

Podcasts of his show are here: