Sunday, 4 September 2011

Rare or Dare

If like me you download a lot of files, you end up ignoring a lot of them. Yeah the searching can become more important than the finding at times. Course young people don't have this problem they have been ruined by Broadband and one click web hosts. Old school people like me recall the early days of Napster- of dial up, of simply being amazed you could download anything. So I never quite got over the Rar and the broadband. Now I have many hard drives, on line storage and a what was once an impossible amount of music to imagine. Often in that rush to download I forget the basics of not only taste but of storage. So now I constantly come across folders that I don't know much about. I have a Title a date stamp and the files themselves. 

Rude-Boy Presents The Lost Album: SkinDeep is a good example. There is no scan-the files themselves have a mixed feel to them (the naming methodology differs)-the tags are vague. I know the group a  Swing outfit from the 90t's. They have a You Tube or two:
But a CD- well maybe one called "get You Open" ? The track above is included in the Rar file....

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