Sunday, 4 September 2011

Baby I'm Back !

I've been here before, it's a foolish time wasters errand. It's a start off never finish, and leave incomplete game. It's too much for one person to do well, that is for sure. Then again it is a Sanctuary -my place, my space, my rules. It's lonely though,  pretty much a non contact sport. Then again I like writing and I've been told that I crave recognition. In fact I was confronted with a shed load of grief recently about how I appear to "want" people to admire my taste in music. Last time I checked out the "human condition" this wasn't exactly a crime, but somehow I go about it all wrong. "I should DJ, I should get a Radio show, I should build something"....really?                                
This is a place where I will write and post up music (and a bit of TV), a lot of it (all of it in fact) taken from other places on the net, if you like it let me know. 

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