Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Soul Togetherness 2011

About to be released on Expansion the latest in a line of  Essential Compilations under the long standing brand of "Soul Togetherness".

If you don't know this series then -I'm struggling to explain exactly what they represent in less than a few hundred words but I'll try. Let's begin with an acknowledgement that I owe a debt to them in terms of my taste. They were the food on which my taste grew fatter, they fed the need and encouraged me to sample more music. Personally they represented the axis of a certain brand of  Modern Soul championed by Ralph Tee and Richard Searling. It was always their vision -a best of the Year in question, based on a number of variables including (most importantly) what they could licence. The compromise was always considered and continues to be so. In this respect you cannot fault them. The joy in them was that ordinary people in going to events and posting on Forums might have some influence on these choices-or be seen too. Over the last four or five years I've tracked this-especially with regard to the "older " tracks they have featured. It's been like watching a groundswell grow.

Perfection though is a bitch. Two years ago I wrote "If  Mar doesn't feature on one of these compilations soon then I'm a Dutchman" <sic>.  You don't always get what you want. Though I'm a friend of the compilations, and encourage you to buy them-I'm (partly) at odds with them....

It's a Bipolar Friendship