Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Modern Soul what is it ? (one of a series)

By Modern Soul in this instance- I mean the genre that I knew back a ways, the sub genre of a wider movement that these days touches and includes such a diverse amount of styles-it's hard to pin down.

For me, say back in 2004 Modern Soul meant the sort of music played at little Events held mostly in the North West of England (well the best ones were).

I'm not one for attending Modern Soul events these days. I'm too old, too poor and too miserable about it. This wasn't always the case and my times at Prestwich Civic Hall in particular (2000-2008) remain dear to me.

At the time I bitched about the choices played. Not Urban enough, not forward thinking enough, they listened to what I said with a sly grin on their faces.

But hand on heart the chance to go on a dance floor and shuffle about to this (back in 2004/5) was an utter privilege and I'll never be grateful enough for it