Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Shuya Okino - DESTINY

I've noticed the last few posts on here have been a bit lite on words. In my rush to get up the tracks,links, and pictures I seem to be loosing my way with the text. Sorry about that.

Shuya Okino's new CD is currently talk of the town. I recently read on face book someone calling it "CD of the Year".  My first impression of it is that it's rather expensive. One can't help but wonder if this isn't half the reason for it's popularity among the Modern Soul Set. I've seen posts on EMS where people almost boast about it costing £25.00 and above. £25.00 is more than I spend a week on food- and I'm not exactly thin (hell it's more than 10 percent of my net weekly wage). Of course the argument is as ever, "we must support the Artist", and I can't really disagree with that. It's just the distributor and the import duty I worry about having to support. 

So what are we left with here. Well, typical Jap fodder in truth. Great playing some good guest vocals but....rather dull rather fast music. IMHO It's House for old folks. The only track I've played twice is the one that isn't fast. It's good but not £30.00 worth.

Get it here

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