Monday, 12 September 2011

Quick Update

First apologies for Divshare being off line yesterday leaving this space looking sparse...tut tut.

Hats off to  Mike Ashley for playing a remix of Joey Sommerville on his Radio Cardiff show yesterday- denting a rather large hole in my research and also The Hurst Selection for featuring the same remix in his London-to-America Pod cast

Both gentleman are several steps up from me with regard to knowledge and experience. Mike Ashley has for many years worked tirelessly promoting independent Soul Music (he was too busy giving shout outs to actual Artists to mention me yesterday) , Brian Hurst is innovating through his website bringing together an impressive collective of DJ's, who produce a superlative array of music streamed straight to good taste buds across the world.

A quick thank you goes to people who have visited here- I know that your time is limited. I have not enabled comments yet- I would like to but I'm trying to show (to myself mostly) that this blog isn't about me seeking recognition-for what is in effect simply listening to music

I have been trying (with no joy) incorporating posts from my last Blog on here- but I feel it's never going to happen. Something to do with formatting perhaps ??? A lot of the embedded links on the old Blog still work-though some do not.
If I actually manage to get any traffic on here I will upgrade my Div Share- we shall see.

Meantime I'll start updating here soon- tomorrow in fact.....